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At our one-day summit we’ll discover the mindsets and knowledge we need to work smarter and perform at our best, and the wisdom and cultural shifts required to rest more and feel better.

This is not just a feel-good fest or a great experience (though it will be both of those). Supported by Thrive Global and a collective of cutting edge thinkers, it’s a pathway to embedding the latest science and research around motivation, performance, behaviour change and workplace culture into our everyday lives and our workplaces.

This is a summit for leaders who want to create a conscious space of work, those that are leading for the emerging future.

For anyone who wants to ask the question, who am I, and what is the legacy and impact of the work I am doing now.

Conscious Work is a day to examine how we work and how we can better align our work lives with the meaning, mindfulness, health, happiness, purpose and impact we all want to achieve.

The world has woken up.

What does this mean for work?

Stress, burnout, exhaustion and disengagement are at record levels. The way we work is eroding our productivity and our wellbeing.



More than 70% of working Australians are disengaged from their job, meaning Australian workplaces are amongst the worst in the world when it comes to employee satisfaction.



21% of Australian employees have taken time off in the past year because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.

1 in 5

1 in 5

Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of professional success, explaining a full 58% of high performance and higher pay in all types of jobs.

Work can be better

Whether you’re leading a team, you’re part of one, or a company of one, join us to consciously re-think the way we work.

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